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About Us

The Christopher Stallworth Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable nonprofit organization. In furtherance of its exempt purposes, the foundation seeks to help financially disadvantaged and at-risk students remain in higher education by providing academic scholarships, grants, mentoring, and care boxes containing toiletries and non-perishable food items. The foundation focuses on serving students from low-income communities, students who are homeless, and post-secondary inclusion for students challenged with intellectual disabilities.

The foundation stands to fulfill a unique unexplored void for students who suffers from financial and personal adversity. The program serves as a strong support system that strengthens and encourages students to complete their degree programs. With the Christopher Stallworth Foundation Scholarship Awards Program and other services, minority students who are in higher education are more likely to reach their highest potential instead of becoming a statistic. Students in our programs learn to leverage their social and entrepreneurial skills to

prepare them for their future. They will be motivated to complete their college career, increase their employability, and motivated to overcome any obstacle in their life path. This, in turn, will help students become more productive and valuable members of their communities and society, which is a return on investment that lasts a lifetime.

The foundation is in honor of Christopher Stallworth for bringing awareness to the problems disadvantaged students are facing across the country. Christopher Stallworth is a proud graduate of Georgia State University with an undergraduate degree in Psychology.

Our Vision Statement

The Christopher Stallworth Foundation vision is to make sure deserving students who wants to achieve academically have access to opportunities.

Hillary Clinton: “Higher education should be a right, not a privilege for those who can afford it.”

Our Mission Statement

At the Christopher Stallworth Foundation, our mission is to assist disadvantaged college and vocational students by offering financial assistance for scholarships, books, supplies, toiletries, and free meals. With our help,  underprivileged students who are in post-secondary education and vocational training are more likely to reach their highest potentials instead of becoming a statistic. The objective is to help students to remain enrolled in higher education by reducing the dropout rate due to lack of bare necessities.

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