Linda Stallworth (M.Ed)Founder

    Linda Stallworth is the founder and CEO of the Christopher Stallworth Foundation, which she started in 2014. Over the years, Linda has witnessed the needs of others with fewer opportunities that had the desire for a higher education in order to better their lives. Her son, Christopher Stallworth saw first- hand what life would be like if he had not had a support system to help him navigate the complexities of college life. He often questions what his future would have been like if he had not had the necessities, such as money for books, supplies, housing, meals, and other resources necessary for academic success. During his first year as a freshman, Christopher witnessed many of his friends and acquaintances dropping out of college because they did not have the resources to continue their studies. Most of these were African Americans students from disadvantage backgrounds. That’s when Linda decided to get involved. “As a lifelong learner, I understood the concerns of my son. There are so many young people who just want an opportunity that will give them a better chance in life. However, many of them cannot afford a formal education,” she mentioned. So she started the Christopher Stallworth Foundation in order to assist those that are less fortunate. And the organizations immediately begin partnering with Covenant House (a shelter for homeless youth). Linda holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, and a Masters Degree in Education. Her goal is to make sure deserving students who want to achieve academically, have the same opportunity.

    The foundation is in honor of Christopher Stallworth for bringing awareness to the problems disadvantaged students are facing across the country. Christopher Stallworth is a proud graduate of Georgia State University with an undergraduate degree in Psychology. 

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