Maureen Richmond (M.A.)Chief Editor

    Maureen Richmond has cultivated a love for writing and literature since high school days in Little Rock, Arkansas. There, she was fortunate to study under talented classroom English instructors who inspired her to learn the secrets of effective written communication. Prose, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction alike have claimed her interest over the years. As a result, she’s earned an undergraduate degree in English and Professional Writing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and a fully-accredited graduate degree in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University.

    In the meanwhile, Maureen has pursued the craft of the writer in many contexts, including political commentary, essays, literary analysis, and nonfiction scholarly exposition. She’s had articles published in a wide variety of venues, including newspapers, community promotion magazines, internet websites, and professional publications. An avid enthusiast of life-long learning herself, Maureen wholeheartedly supports the mission of the Christopher Stallworth Foundation with its emphasis on academic survival and success for students facing challenges.

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