Yong Takahashi (BBA)Fundraising Chair

    Yong Takahashi, the lead volunteer for the Fundraising Committee brings years of entrepreneurial, financial, nonprofit, and legal experience to the Christopher Stallworth Foundation. A certified paralegal, Yong also holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration. She is a small business owner in the greater Atlanta community and serves on the Board of Directors for the foundation.

    Born in Seoul, South Korea, Yong arrived in Detroit, Michigan in 1973.  Speaking only her native language of Korean, Yong faced an uphill battle when she entered the American public school system. She was mistakenly placed in Special Education classes for those with learning challenges simply because school administrators had nothing to offer in the way of instruction in English as a Second language. Misunderstood because of the language barrier, Yong struggled with the situation. At times she felt so marginalized that she effectively had no voice. From this early experience, Yong learned first-hand how important it is that public schools advocate for all their learners and develop the right programs for unique student needs. Yong also understands the importance of mentorship for young adults, and plans to bring her own life experience to the mentoring program offered by the Christopher Stallworth Foundation.

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